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Santa can't successfully run his operation without the help of his elves.  Check out the various characters that work for Santa in the North Pole.


Elbereth is the star of our story.  She's a sweet elf who helps out in the kitchen, cooking wonderful dishes for Santa and his elves.

Annothor and Agordor are brothers who work in the stables with the reindeer.  Agordor is fastidious and responsible, whereas Annothor has a more relaxed outlook on life.  As with most siblings, they often don't get along.

Framed Elf #9.jpg
Framed Elf #3.jpg
Framed Elf #7.jpg

Here are some initial sketches of other elves working at the North Pole.

Framed Elf #4.jpg
Framed Elf #8.jpg
Framed Elf #5.jpg
Framed Elf Chef.jpg


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